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> [Mise à jour]Abal3.1b.0.06, 28 Avril 2005
Posted: 28/04/05 21:45
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Abal 3 version 3.1b.0.06 de l'environment de dévéloppement d'abal3 pour UseIT.

Pour installer ce package il faut le telecharger dans un répértoire de votre machine UseIT, ajouter les permissions d'éxécution avec chmod +x nom, puis lancez le programme éxécutable ainsi crée. En cas d'erreur de rédemarrage de LDAP redémarrez votre machine en passant par le menu de KDE.

This autoinstallable package will now disactivate criteria and access prior to copying the binary files and library files to their final destination. Criteria and Access will then be reactivated prior to configuration injection and class library translation.

Ce pack contiens deux modules exa32.36 et exa32.37 a utiliser avec criteria 3.6 et criteria 3.7 respectivement.

Attention le /lib/ n'est plus livré avec ce pack.


Cette version vous permet de bénéficier des corrections suivantes :

EXA : 3.1b.0.07
Correction to allow use of 32 bit integer pointers as procedure parameters. Previously this raised an incorrect procedure parameter type code 128.

OLD : 3.1b.0.02
Correction of an exception encountered due to incorrect detection of a tcode target busy condition.

OTR : 3.1b.0.04
Correction of an exception encountered due to incorrect detection of a tcode target busy condition.

Procedure return types now can int 32. This is simply PROC A() : : indicating a 32 bit integer return type as would be expected.

SING : 1.1b.0.15
-Incorrect display of MODEXT switch message in the FRENCH language version of the database manager file description page.
-Incorrect display of LINK inhibition column of the INDEX and DATA member definition tables of the database file description page.
-Correction of incorrect FRENCH messages in Camera Properties Dialog Box for the database ressource name field.
-During the database file manager component mask form generation operation, all data record member edit fields collect their file record counterpart in their widget create method. This allows for ease of integration as modular components of a parent application.
-The Incorrect Style label message has been corrected in the french widget properties dialog box.
-The Incorrect Reset button message has been corrected in the french national language messages dialog box.
-The widget menu option Widget.Style has been added allowing the style property of the currently selected widget or group of widgets to be modified after selection from the style manager class list.
-The widget property Widget.Style now gives access to the style sheet information of the named widget.
-The widget property Widget.Format gave incorrect source generation when invoked for edit widgets.
-The File property Widget.Length has been corrected to return the data record constant integer value for non SI LV files and the Length variable for SI LV files.
-The File property Widget.Size has been corrected to return the data record constant integer value length of the data record buffer.
-Widget method temporary files previously left in the /tmp directory are now deleted prior to exit from the widget properties dialog box. These files were left each time the dialog box was abandoned. Back up ( .bak ) are preserved in the temporary directory and should be removed from time to time by hand.
-National language accent characters in help text blocks are now converted to and from the equivalent html character macros on entry to and exit from the help text multi-editor dialog frame.
-The widget method Widget.Rename(p) has been added for data object file widgets allowing the file to be renamed. The new name should be passed as the parameter p to the method. If the parameter is ommited then the original name is assumed.
-The widget method Widget.Atb(p) has been added for data object file widgets allowing modification of widget file access rights. When the parameter mnemonic EX is provided then the file will become exclusive mode. Otherwise shared mode will be assumed.
-The Html Online help documentation text generation method has been corrected to detect end of line characters and reset its internal line length counter. This caused problems when using the preformatted text tags of html to show code examples.
-Correction in detection and generation of standard error forms method to ensure correct operation when method is declared inline.
-A new documentation providing extensive information concerning Wiget and Forms Methods and Properties is now provided in the english documentation section : methods.htm.
-Correction to ensure that Inline Forms Methods generate neither extern references nor Forward references.
-The html form documentation generation has been modified to improve document production when the technical information has been requested by the Parts List option. Widget Method text is now included in the technical documentation.
-Implicite invocation of en explicite Widget Focus Method has been corrected to allow access to the eventual invocation of an explicite Widget LoseFocus method that might follow..
-This widget method has been corrected to ensure generation of the correct instructions corresponding to the various widget types.

The incorrect display of Long Values by the VisualGraph function has now been corrected. All three data types, BYTE(INT8) , WORD(INT16) and LONG(INT32) are now correctly displayed.

stdout : 3.1b.0.06
The standard output stream class stdout is now operational in the class library files.apl.
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