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Posted by: eumel36 07/07/07 02:57
I have with wexa 3.1e.0.01 the following problem:


program "test"
dcl i$=30

segment 0
ask=1, /0D=Next: =(u30),i
pause " "

eseg 0

When the input is ' Andreas' then the output is 'Andreas'
Wexa delete the spaces up to the first character that is not space.
With wexa 3.1c.... it's ok.

Posted by: root 07/07/07 10:53
did this bug was report and validat by prologue support
if not your message will be move abal forum

Posted by: jamie 07/07/07 20:14
very strange, no problem at all with exa3.2a.0.20 and I see no reason it could have changed
between times since we havn't touched the format or the ask in a long time.

Posted by: root 07/07/07 22:37
i have try your source
and there is strange thing
/0d parameter dont seem to work , when i use enter key it dont stop the ask
i try with wexa 3.1e.0.08 and it print the same thing i have type
Are you sure of your example source ?

Posted by: eumel36 24/07/07 08:42
Sorry, I've forgotten the following mask instruction before the ask instruction.

mask 35+256+512+4096+8192+16384

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