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> [Mise à jour]Abal3.1b.0.04, 14 Avril 2005
Posted: 21/04/05 17:41
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Abal 3 version 3.1b.0.04 de l'environment de dévéloppement d'abal3 pour UseIT.

Pour installer ce package il faut le telecharger dans un répértoire de votre machine UseIT, ajouter les permissions d'éxécution avec chmod +x nom, puis lancez le programme éxécutable ainsi crée. En cas d'erreur de rédemarrage de LDAP redémarrez votre machine en passant par le menu de KDE.

This autoinstallable package will now disactivate criteria and access prior to copying the binary files and library files to their final destination. Criteria and Access will then be reactivated prior to configuration injection and class library translation.

Ce pack contiens deux modules exa32.36 et exa32.37 a utiliser avec criteria 3.6 et criteria 3.7 respectivement.

Attention le /lib/ n'est plus livré avec ce pack.


Cette version vous permet de bénéficier des corrections suivantes :

EXADB : 3.1b.0.04
Correction of core dump encountered when exiting from exadb. This occured when break points were still active during exit from debug operation.

SING : 1.1b.0.05
A source path selection list has been added to the abal source production dialog box to allow the target path to be selected or defined.

Correction to avoid core dump when accessing an inexistant ldap section with Useit 1.4a 1.4b and UseItCom.

Correction in database file generation of MC file components for the DFILE instruction. This now deletes the SI file as well as the MC file when the SI parameter is provided.

Datafile widgets may now explicitly invoke their implicite ONCREATE and ONREMOVE methods allowinf for explicite construction and destruction of the widget control structures files and other control entites.

Correction to ensure preservation of the previously lost line size property of line widgets.

The forms editor now resets its internal screen buffer to ensure clean display when widgets are instanced outside of an eventual parent collection window.

The focus order number of a widget may now be retrieved by the new widget method Widget.Focus

The new forms member variable LastFocus has been added allowing consultation of the identity of the focus losing widget. This facilitates the construction of generic transfer operations in the Event method of push buttons by allowing identification of the previous focus item. The event code must be performed however on the MOUSE DOWN event otherwise the Last Focus information will have been lost.

The termination value of KeyCode is now returned by the Focus methods of all forms. This is particular importance for modular packaging.

Widget trigger code and value is now preserved over widget copy operations performed by the forms editor when moving widgets and copying and pasting widgets.

The 3d project viewer now performs real time screen refresh during camera movement on the mouse move while down event.

A new dialog box and subsequent menu operation have been added to the 3d project editor allowing the components of the 3d work space to be reorganised.

Database file widgets may now define and create links using the new Widget.Link and Widget.Clink methods. : 1.1b.0.05
Correction of important problem concerning the creation of virtual memory files. When these files are first created they are extended to offer storage for their component variables. This operation became unstable in certain conditions and continued extending the file until a disk full condition was detected. : 1.1b.0.05
Correction in the zzend function of the zgr dynamic library of screener. This function now restores the text cursor and opacity of black. During normal operation screener requires the text cursor to be hidden and the standard black to become transparent.
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