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> [Mise à jour]Abal3.1c.1.06, 11 Octobre 2005
Posted: 11/10/05 20:27
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Cette version récapitule toutes les améliorations et correctifs apportés sur ABAL3 et SING

Disponible pour UseIt
Disponible pour Windows

EXA 3.1c.0.09
Push/Pop and Load.Go
An important series of corrections have been perfomed on the PUSH/POP subsystem. These apply equally to text mode as to graphical mode and impact the behaviour of both the internal and external LOAD.GO mechanisms. Paint colour and Tab positioning is now saved and restored by the push/pop instructions as performed by the MFSYS module under Twin Server. In graphical mode the palette is also saved and restored ensuring correct interpretation of colourmapped pixels. For further information to this effect please consult the corresponding page of the abal3 documentation env.htm.

Accented Characters
Accented characters received by the HttpGetLine function are now transcoded from ISO 8859 to the Abal character set in all cases.

EXADB 3.1c.0.09
Overlay Source Display
Correction of incorrect source display in certain cases when debugging object overlays.

SING 1.1c.0.16
Linker Errors
Errors during the post-translation link phase of program construction are now detected and signaled by SING. The error display dialog frame has also been renovated.

Missing and Incorrect Constants
The include file fac.ah has been corrected to be in phase for all constant definitions a constant types.

Dynamic Library Signature
The visual library is now compatible with exadb in text mode.

Dynamic Library Signature
All derivations of the printer library are now compatible with exadb in text mode.

Dynamic Library Signature
The visual library is now compatible with exadb in text mode.

EXA 3.1c.0.10
Redirected Library Signature
Exa has been modified to recognise the new dynamic library redirection signature as required for exadb to work correctly in text mode.

EXADB 3.1c.0.10
Redirected Library Signature
The dynamic library redirection signature has been changed to ensure that all abal dynamic libraries required standard redirection no longer cause crash of exadb in text mode.
Debug Source Path
The path of the tcode program file is now prefixed to source file names during symbolic information loading. This will not occur for absolute path filenames.
Previously it was necessary to explicite the source path during translation in order to be able to debug programs in directories other than the current path.
Graphical mode Banner display
Keyboard validation is now required during display of the banner in X/11 graphical mode as for EXA. Previously althoug banner information was displayed into the graphical window it was unreadable.
Status Bar content and font
The status bar font has been corrected and its content modifed to show the current tcode program name. This will change to reflect the program or

EXADB 3.1c.0.11
Variable Modication Problem
Variable modification is now possible using EXADB in text mode.
Text Search Function
The text search function of exadb in text mode now works correctly for programs translated with otr.

SING 1.1c.0.17
Translator and Linker Output
Translator and Linker stream output is now captured and windowed by sing. Error and Warning conditions raised in this manner no longer go un-noticed.

ACCESS 3.1c.0.01
Access Trace Display
The access trace list now terminates correctly and displays the frame end linefeed sequence.

EXADB 3.1c.0.12
Program Function Keys
Function Keys programmed by the application are saved and restored across the program/debug toggle function to be positioned and active as required.

EXA 3.1c.0.12
True Colour Text Scrolling
The screen image corruption that was produced by viewport text scrolling in true colour graphical situations has been corrected.

VISUAL 3.1c.1.04
Visual Page View Port
The VisualControl instruction has been enhanced to allow the current ViewPort to be linked to the current VisualPage. As a result of this function the ViewPort will be established each time the VisualPage becomes the active page. In addition the text screen position coordinates and colours are preserved and reinstated as required.

AUDIO 3.1c.1.04
Audio Device Identification
allow the audio devices sb mixer sequencer to de defined by the value of the first parameter. The documentation has been updated to describe the various functions of this library and to provide examples.

OTR 3.1c.0.05
Instruction Find : Information
Correction of problem encountered in translation of the FIND instruction. This problem occured only when LOCAL_CONSTANT is active in 16 bit translation and
when constant alias detection, option -a, has been requested.

EXA 3.1c.0.14
ASK Cut Key
The ASK instruction has been improved to make use of graphical interface cut and paste mechanisms. It was previously possible to paste to an ASK. It is now possible to copy from an ASK. It is necessary to first define the Ask Cut Key, either by the environment variable to this effect or by the appropriate EVENT instruction.

EXADB 3.1c.0.14
Page Down and Page Up keys
These keys are now operational after the function key save and restore mechanisms.

SING 1.1c.0.18
Camera Properties Options
Correction of loass of autosize and image type options on return from the camera properties dialog box.

OTR 3.1c.0.05
PROC PTR expression
The instruction PROC PTR may now be used in an expression as a parameter to to a procedure call. Previously only a variable was allowed as the result of this and similar instructions (SEGM PTR, USER PTR,CODE PTR).

SING 1.1c.0.19
Database Manager Function Button
Correction to reposition the source edit button on the database manager function page
Database Member Expression
Analysis of database file index and record member expressions no longer resets the subsequent member records to type BYTE.
Default National Language
The camera properties dialog box now allows the default and working national language value to be established for a project. This value will be used as the default for the creation of new form components and by sing.

EXA 3.1c.0.15
The HOME key , value 28 and the Ctrl Key, value 12 now perform the HOME or seek to start of zone function in the ASK instruction.
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