MYPDF is a software that able to generate files into PDF format from ABAL applications.
MYPDF is write in ABAL and is portable to every operating system without modify.
MYPDF is an EXTERNAL OVERLAY so it's simple for you to integrate into you procedure.
MYPDF can be used to prepare high quality reports or simply to transform old ABAL PRINT=2 report to a PDF files with a underlay image.
MYPDF support by now three types of BARCODE EAN13, CODE39 and new (in the release 1.2c) EAN128.
MYPDF is able to generate PDF files with embedded fonts so to obtain really portable files.
MYPDF cost only € 200,00 + TAX (€ 240,00) and the licence is for developer so you can redistribuite it royalty free to all your clients.
On Linux or Use-It is possible to print the file via GosthScript, on Windows is possible to view/print directly using Acrobat Reader.
On demand we can support to obtain the utility need to view or print the PDF files.

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